Located in 29 cent land area with built up area of 4080SQFT

  • Fine dining and Multi cuisine.
  • Idiosyncratic design footprint with the existing terrain.
  • Design seeks to explore the nature within it.
  • Aesthetics effusively blended with the prevailing foliage of trees.
  • The design forms a sloping structure that blends into the natural topography. The sloped structure being climate responsive makes it a low maintenance design.
  • Full glass fenestrations on the front façade with MS box vertical bands binds the entire backdrops within the design making it an inside –out design element in all sense. Thus, the concept of “no walls” with nature thus easily achieved.
  • Texture with a contextual nature was taken care at every edge of the design.
  • Apart from the circulation flow which always being the prime component in a restaurant design the key element was how to make it livelier for the users.
  • Live pantry counter with a fine display of the art of cooking.
  • Designing of interior was carefully done such that the exterior texture was connected with the interior.
  • Wooden texture linear bands with linear lighting forms the ceiling line that makes the circulation pattern connecting all elements inside the building (ex: flooring and ceiling runs unidirectional pointing towards the hanging installation at the extreme corner of the main dining area.)
  • Borrowing from the material palette inside, the left corner waiting area incorporated with an eye-catching installation makes a high interest in people to sit there and relax for themselves.
  • The essence of Wayanad was not kept apart, a see through wall art design for an exclusive display of spices was well tailored in the centre making it as a part of spatial planning to segregate each zones.
  • A hardscape at the rear end with vertical garden adjacent made the whole design completely revolve in its concept of connectivity with nature, people and food.
  • A see through concept was given in all the design development stages from the very dining to the kitchen and the pantry area.