Located in 85 cent land area with built up area of 4800SQFT

  • Award (Asianet dream Home 2013) award winning residence.
  • Design with nature, freshness of the lush green flora warmth the entire design.
  • Interior provides a gradual transformation of one function into another, providing the inhabitants a space free of borders.
  • Contemporary style enhanced with projections and recessions made a good drama of light and shadow.
  • An open concept with minimalistic design was the key feature.
  • From the gate till the roof all elements are designed prudently. Tiled gateway opens into a well landscaped terrain with pathways of coble stone leading till the car porch. Main two entries one as formal and one informal. Formal entry leads to formal living and the other to the main courtyard.
  • Every room opens to a green space with light sensual colours. All constitute a well stretched out plan with a flow of spaces.